WhatsApp will now receive cross-device 2.0 support as well as message reactions

Whatsapp can currently be used on up to four devices, with a smartphone. This multi-device connectivity is what allows users to sync Whatsapp to their desktops / laptops, while running the app in tandem on their smartphone. While the functionality does not extend to iPads, this should be a thing of the past as Wabetainfo announced that Whatsapp works on multiple 2.0 devices. The feature is already available on beta versions of the app.

What is Whatsapp Multi-Device Update 2.0?

The multi-device 2.0 update will allow users to connect to their Whatsapp accounts through different devices, without needing their smartphones to be connected to the same. This will also make Whatsapp available on the iPad.

“Multiple devices mean users will have the same features available on current public versions of WhatsApp Web, Desktop and Portal, without needing to connect your phone. Our multi-device capability immediately improves the experience for people using Desktop / Web and Portal. And it will also add support for more device types over time. Said a spokesperson.

What is Whatsapp Multi-Device Update 2.0?

What is the update of the reaction to messages from Whatsapp?

In addition to offering cross-device connectivity, Whatsapp will also introduce message reactions via its new update, according to Wabetainfo. You can long press on a message and choose from the displayed emojis how you want to react. A report on the same stated that these features are currently available in beta versions of the app.

“The reactions are not anonymous, so everyone in the conversation will be able to see who reacted to a specific message,” the report said.

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