Unhurried Life’s new slow travel book features 50 unique Australian staycations, including five with lush outdoor tubs

Life Unhurried has an ambitious goal. “We’re on a mission to change the way people travel,” says co-founder Celeste Mitchell.

The Life Unhurried brand and blog, focusing on slow living and slow travel, launched in 2018. He followed soon after with an online directory called Slow Stays featuring tiny homes, minimalist lodges, tents glamping, geodesic domes and other unique accommodations to help people retreat from the noise of the modern world. Now he launched a book, Life Unhurried: Slow and Sustained Sojourns Across Australia.

“For too long, the environment, small communities and our sanity have paid the price for our insatiable need to travel fast and hard – ticking off to-do lists and piling our itineraries with Instagram-friendly experiences” , Mitchell said. Large format. “I hope this book (and our website) will be used as a portal to the eye-opening world of slow, sustainable travel and unique journeys that we are privileged to be able to share right here in Australia.”

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The book, by Mitchell, Krista Eppelstun and Katie Gannon, has beautiful photographs of pretty landscapes and photos of 50 stays to experience. It also outlines the philosophy of slow travel, explaining why it’s beneficial and how Covid has been a catalyst in changing people’s mindsets.

Properties featured on Slow Stays and in the book are selected based on criteria that include location, sustainability credentials, community and well-being – and owners add the context of how their properties were created. “As we dug deeper to share the story of how these places were created, it was clear that the salvation they offer travelers was also felt by the owners themselves through the process of bringing them to life,” says the intro to the book.

“Some quit high-flying jobs to get their hands dirty, others decided to raise off-grid families, and a few created them as a kind of needed therapy. We then began to understand these Slow Stays as sanctuaries for the mind and soul, as well as beautiful places to rest.

The book includes chapters on micro-hotels, farmhouses, and A-frame houses. There’s also a section on five places you can book with great outdoor tubs. An excerpt from that chapter follows.

Five outdoor tubs are worth booking
There has never been a simpler splendor than a bathtub under a starry sky. Hot water paired with expansive scenes of native terrain and the kiss of the outdoors on your skin create an intoxicating bath – a bath guaranteed to help you drift into a slower tempo.

These slow stays with outdoor baths were built to heal the weary traveler in all of us.

Kestrel Nest Ecohut, Mount Adrah, New South Wales
Bathe with views over the grassy fields of regenerative farmland at this off-grid cabin on the ancestral lands of the Wiradjuri Nation. A beacon of sustainability, two-thirds of this property is set aside to safeguard an endangered habitat of grassy boxwood woodland, which attracts over 140 species of native birds. Order an organic hamper for a true paddock-to-plate experience and enjoy farm produce in the luxury of this deep outdoor tub.

Whale Song, Falmouth, Tasmania/lutruwita
Soak while admiring your own private patch of coastline, from a tub set on the outdoor deck of this lovingly restored 1980s fisherman’s cottage. Watch whales in the moonlit Tasman Sea, albatrosses that have traveled thousands of miles to feed here soar overhead, and fish leap as they journey through ocean currents. Sprinkle on some of the custom-made bath salts and lose yourself in nature’s hypnotic dance.

Rosalita’s Rest, Billinudgel, New South Wales
An enchanting scene of fairy lights and starry skies awaits at the aptly named Wildheart Dreamer Cabin located on a permaculture farm just outside of Brunswick Heads. Spend your evening dipping your green thumbs in the outdoor swimming area after getting your hands dirty helping the owners plant trees or pick herbs. Be inspired by the recycled materials that surround you, from colonial stained glass windows to the lamp recycled from an electric pole.

Lost Retreats, Mount Jagged, South Australia
For those who dream of European landscapes, sitting in this clawfoot tub overlooking olive groves and vineyards will immerse you in the Tuscan sun in the heart of South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula. Listen to records, play board games and drink organic wine produced right on your doorstep at this sustainably built lakeside retreat designed for two.

My Sister and the Sea, Marion Bay, South Australia
After days spent taking beach walks and jumping into rock pools in Dhilba Guuranda–Innes National Park, there’s no better place to take a dip than in the old clawfoot tub under the casuarinas in the backyard of this lovely wooden cabin. Continue to recalibrate your soul with every puzzle piece you turn over in your hand, every book you read on the daybed, and every sip of wine by the fireplace.

Unhurried Life offers 12 slow two-night stays. Participate in the competition until October 8 here.

Life Unhurried: Slow and Sustained Sojourns Across Australia is by Celeste Mitchell, Krista Eppelstun and Katie Gannon, published by Hardie Grant Explore, $50. Buy it here.


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