“Take What You Need: Life Lessons After Losing Everything” Book Signing with Jen Crow

Jen Crow’s transformation was triggered, quite literally, by lightning. This jolt, which destroyed her home in a subsequent fire, forced her to reflect on what she really needed as she sought to rebuild her life. TAKE WHAT YOU NEED: Life lessons after losing everything, opens up new vistas for all of us who seek to understand events in our lives so that we too can begin to chart a path forward, a path drawn resilience and hope. Crow invites us to explore the expected and unexpected turns our lives can take – and all the ways we can pay attention to what we really need to survive painful times and live meaningful lives. A survival guide, spiritual companion and light in the dark, Take What You Need offers hope, humor and practical spiritual tools to face the most difficult times in our lives. Join us for an evening of stories and conversations with the author, plus the chance to purchase a signed copy of this new book.

Jen Crow is senior minister at the First Universalist Church in Minneapolis. She is the founder of Wellspring, a Unitarian Universalist spiritual deepening program used nationwide. Her commitment to recovery, spirituality, transformative love and authenticity is central to her life and work. She lives with her wonderful wife and two children in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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