Reeds Eastern Almanac 2022: Book Review


Yachting Monthly literary critic Julia Jones discusses Reeds’ Oriental Almanac 2022

Oriental Almanac of Roseaux 2022
Perrin Towler and Mark Fishwick (editors)
Reeds / Adlard Coles € 39.99

Like the “bible”, Reeds Nautical Almanac, reaches its 90th edition that it spawned.

Sections of the Magnum Opus can be purchased separately in more user-friendly sizes, particularly useful for planning and – perhaps – for having them available in the cockpit.

Reeds Eastern Almanac 2022 reproduces zones 4, 5, 6, 7 and 16 of the main volume (with the addition of Ramsgate).

Clearly, these parts of the UK cover Ramsgate in Great Yarmouth; Winterton (an eccentric choice?) At Berwick upon Tweed; Eyemouth to Rattray Head and Rattray Head in the Shetland Islands (Lerwick).

Across the southern North Sea, the Eastern Almanac features Delfzijl in Nieuwpoort as well as an attractive and simple scheme of the upright mast route.

As an East Coast sailor, I first found this combination of information engaging and motivating.

It made me feel like I could turn left or right or go straight ahead.

But why not also in Germany or Scandinavia?

Why are main volume zones 14 and 15 not included here?

Many boaters will sail from the English east coast to the Baltic, Frisian island or venture to the Norwegian coast.

The attractiveness of this volume as a specific North Sea companion has been significantly diminished.

Seeing something on a smaller scale allows you to look at it more closely.

I viewed this little almanac as a cockpit companion and envisioned a situation where I had to enter one of my local rivers as a stranger, in a crisis perhaps.

I regret that the results were disappointing.

The charters for the entrances to the Deben and Ore rivers, which change each year with the movement of the cobbles, were based on a 2017 survey and there was no indication where up-to-date information could be downloaded quickly (answer = www not

The main disappointment with this volume was its price. £ 39.99 for 5 zones makes the full Almanac – £ 49.99 for 26 zones plus the additional face material – a steal.

Both editions include the useful guide and directory to the marina, as well as undifferentiated advertising.

Locally targeted advertising could have been a definite advantage, it wasn’t really the case.

Reeds also produces a Western Almanac and a Channel Almanac, both priced at £ 39.99.

Reeds’ loose-leaf almanac including the binder costs £ 55.

The annual update this year is £ 44.99.

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