How To Change Android Device Model Number 2022 Tip

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Check How to Change Android Device Model Number

Have you ever thought about changing the model of your Android phone or tablet? In fact, you can very easily change the model of your Android device and this is useful in some cases; for example, you can make your device appear as a different specific device for each application. Or have you ever faced a device restriction on Google Play while installing an app or game? For example, a game developer may restrict the installation of a particular game on your device and make it available on Google Play on other high-end devices like the Galaxy Note 3 (just an example) just because the game is not optimized for your device. . device. or it malfunctions.

But there is a big chance that your device can play this game. Now if you change your device model to Galaxy Note 3, you can install the game from the store even if it does not work well. Or you might want to flash an app with a different device model to do something.

Change Android device model number

  • Your phone must be rooted to do this.
  • Get an explorer or file manager like X-plore or root explorer on your phone.
  • Open File Manager now and go to Settings > Root Access > now select or make it Superuser/SuperSU + Writable Mount”.
  • Now go back to the main menu in X-plore and tap on the root directory. In the /root directory, find /system and open it.
  • In /system you will find build.prop, open this file. It should open in a text editor.
  • This file is called the build properties and it contains the information about your device’s model number, brand name and many other things.
  • In the build.prop file, find the following lines.
    • ro.product.model=SM-G920F
    • ro.product.manufacturer=Samsung
  • Edit the model number and manufacturer name as you see fit. Now save the file and exit, or exit and it should ask you if you want to exit with or without saving. Once done, restart your phone.
  • On restart, open the About device section in settings, you should have the new device name and model number. That’s it.

Final words: how to change the model number of an Android device

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