Expand your world with HUAWEI Smart Office – with Super Device and Mobile Engine technologies on MateBook laptops

With the introduction of the HUAWEI MateBook D16 and HUAWEI MateBook 16s, HUAWEI’s largest laptops, the company’s Smart Office collection is finally complete. Due to the launch and celebration of the entire collection at SM Megamall, this August 6With famous headliners like Pia Wurtzbach, HUAWEI is excited to present an AI-enhanced world in which all your office gadgets are connected through a laptop powerhouse – either the HUAWEI MateBook D16 or MateBook 16s !

Great HUAWEI device

These connections are made possible by HUAWEI Super Device technology. The concept of Super Device for HUAWEI Smart Office is the foundation of Huawei’s plan to design a seamless AI life. The technology is made up of cross-device collaboration and ecosystem integration — two main features that allow Huawei devices to work together intuitively and intelligently. With device collaboration, users can wirelessly connect devices to each other for use in tandem. With ecosystem integration, users can access multi-device programs and features within a single device.

All user devices can be viewed and controlled through the EMUI12 Control Panel, making it easier than ever to switch platforms and modes with just a tap. Manage and convert files on your different devices with the cross-device files function. Search all directories on your devices at once with the AI research function. Share information instantly with others via Huawei Shareand protect all your data on all your devices with all-in-one Huawei Cloud data storage.

Find out how you can use Super Device technology with the latest HUAWEI MateBook laptops:

Huawei MateBook+Smartphone: enjoy mobile apps on your laptop

Use any smartphone on your PC! With HUAWEI Mobile App Engine, you can access endless different apps from your smartphone’s AppGallery and use them to enhance and personalize your laptop’s capabilities, setting your work results above and beyond those of others. Easily transfer and access files with drag-and-drop, without any interruption to your workflow.

Huawei MateBook+MatePad Tablet: annotate almost any file

Draw and annotate directly on your MateBook files from your MatePad with its M-Pencil, with no rules and almost no need for file conversions as workarounds. Draw on your mail, calendars, or e-books, without the need for multiple copies and file types. Easily access files from your tablet as well as your mobile files through your PC drive, also by drag-and-drop or copy-paste.

Huawei Matebook+HUAWEI Vision: Presentations on the big screen

Share and present your decks and reports via Huawei Vision. Via extended mode, you can use Vision as a display for sharing presentations and for meetings, while you take notes on your MateBook. Via mirror mode, you can also modify and manipulate the elements of your MateBook more precisely by making Vision your main screen.

Huawei MateBook+MateView monitor: extended workspace

Expand your workspace by using MateView as a second monitor. Thanks to the dual-screen setup, you can easily move between both screens without any interruptions or the need for conversions. Benefit from increased efficiency when you can access and modify one or more files on both screens. MateView also supports extended mode!

+ Pop-up pairings: Great additions to accessorize your Smart Office

Beyond your control panel, take your coordination to the ultimate level with contextual pairing devices that can also access and work across all your devices. With proximity discovery technology, instantly connect your Huawei Freebuds 4, Sound Joy, PixLab X1 printer, Bluetooth mouse and ultra-thin keyboard to each device as you wish.

With Super Device Technology, Huawei truly brings to life its vision of unlimited creation and seamless communication. The only limit is what you can’t imagine when you have Super Device Control, the features of which allow Huawei users to live life and perform in a truly incomparable way.

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