Cambodia launches test of macroeconomic surveillance database system

The National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) and the AfDB’s Economic Research and Regional Cooperation Department have launched the macroeconomic surveillance database system (MSDS) testing to ensure timely reporting on the macroeconomic and financial situation .

According to the NBC press release, the recent launch was staged virtually under the chairmanship of Khou Vouthy, deputy managing director of the central bank management of NBC, and Anthony Gill, head of the portfolio administration unit at the AfDB resident mission in Cambodia.

Supported by the Government of Japan’s Investment Climate Facilitation Fund, Factsheet is an online database that produces timely indicators and reports on Cambodia’s macroeconomic and financial conditions.

The database will be an important tool that will facilitate analysis and monitoring of macroeconomic and financial sector progress, and support the formulation of strategic policies aimed at ensuring price stability and sustainable economic growth.

In addition to highlighting the evolution of the 70 key indicators, the new online database produces other important information and data such as summary tables, charts and data of macroeconomic segments divided into 300 categories compiled from time to other.

The launch of this database test is another step in the process of disseminating high quality, efficient and timely information in accordance with the mission of the BNC. Chan S. Ratha – AKP

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